Mobile & Product Freelancer

While I work on an early stage startup, I also help enterprises to build (mobile) products like very successful startups and companies. I’m working in the Mobile industry since 2000 and did countless projects as a product manager, consultant or coach for Siemens Mobile, Red Bull, Deutsche Telekom, Porsche, Allianz, XING and three startups. Just let me know your problem, I may have a solution for you:

    • Mobile Strategy
    • Mobile Trends
    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Product Manager
    • Product Owner
    • Team Lead
    • Lean (Startup) Product Managememt
    • App Growth
    • Android vs. iOS
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How I Work

  • Putting users at the center of the product development process, while always balancing the goals from a business perspective.
  • Together with engineers and designers, I determine the product requirements, create product concepts, designs and specifications and then validate them through prototyping, user feedback and a/b testing.
  • Defining the product success metrics and analyze product performance over time to assess success or failure.
  • Managing product stakeholders proactively.
  • Using my start-up and project management skills to organize teams effectively and efficiently in order to meet and exceed project goals.

The result is a proven record of innovative, digital product launches and successful product lifecycle management.

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